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Social Psychology (Aronson)

Social Psychology (Aronson) Author(s): Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, Samuel R. Sommers

Difference between 9th and 8th editions
Side by side comparison of table of contents helps to figure out the most significant changes.

Key differences between 9th and 8th editions

  • Period between previous and current publications: 3 years (2012 vs 2015).
  • The first edition of Social Psychology was written by Elliot Aronson and Robert L. Helmreich in 1973.
  • The Ninth Edition has 16 chapters just as the previous Eighth Edition.
  • Chapter 3:
    • New sections on non-conscious goal pursuit and decision making.
  • Chapter 4:
    • New section on powerful and long-lasting first impressions, which covers lingering effects of initial impressions; how posture and nonverbal cues can influence the impressions you make on others.
  • Chapter 5:
    • New section on affective forecasting, a prediction about our emotional reactions to future events.
  • Chapter 6:
    • New discussions on political self-justification, how to overcome cognitive dissonance.
  • Chapter 7:
    • New Try It! exercise on brand attitude and customer perception
  • Chapter 8:
    • New section on social influence tactics presents techniques of compliance, including the foot-in-the-door and door-in-the-face.
    • Review of the 2012 election study "A 61-million-person experiment in social influence and political mobilization"
  • Chapter 9:
    • New section on group diversity.
  • Chapter 10:
    • New research on the relationship between genetic similarity and sexual attraction.
  • Chapter 11:
    • Discusses the recent research by van den Bos "On Sense-Making Reactions and Public Inhibition of Benign Social Motives".
  • Chapter 12:
    • The chapter has been significantly reorganized.
    • Additional section on the causes of sexual violence, sexual scripts, and a 2015 review of research on miscommunication between men and women.
  • SPA1:
    • New discussion on why experiences make people happier than material things.
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9th Edition of
Social Psychology (Aronson)
Hardcover, 624 pages
ISBN-10: 0133936546
ISBN-13: 9780133936544
Published by: Pearson, July 10, 2015
Books a la Carte with REVEL access card
Loose Leaf, 576 pages
ISBN-10: 0134225600
ISBN-13: 9780134225609
Published by: Pearson, July 11, 2015
Books a la Carte
Loose Leaf, 624 pages
ISBN-10: 0134012399
ISBN-13: 9780134012391
Published by: Pearson, July 10, 2015
8th Edition of
Social Psychology (Aronson)
eBook, 576 pages
eBook ISBN: 9780205953219
Published by: Pearson, September 20, 2012
Hardcover, 576 pages
ISBN-10: 0205796621
ISBN-13: 9780205796625
Published by: Pearson, July 26, 2012
with NEW MyPsychLab with eText (Access Card)
Hardcover, 608 pages
ISBN-10: 020591201X
ISBN-13: 9780205912018
Published by: Pearson, July 28, 2012
Books a la Carte Edition
Loose Leaf, 696 pages
ISBN-10: 0205249299
ISBN-13: 9780205249299
Published by: Pearson, July 23, 2012
7th Edition of
Social Psychology
Hardcover, 624 pages
ISBN-10: 0138144788
ISBN-13: 9780138144784
Published by: Pearson, October 02, 2009
with NEW MyPsychLab with eText (Access Card)
Hardcover, 591 pages
ISBN-10: 0205773796
ISBN-13: 9780205773794
Published by: Pearson, October 02, 2009

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