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PickTextBook is dedicated to college textbooks. If you don't know whether you should spend money on the latest edition of textbook, try to learn if there are any significant content differences between the latest and previous editions.

Older edition textbooks are considerably cheaper than the new ones. Many professors allow students to use older editions of the textbooks.

If you want to save money by purchasing an older version and stay on the safe side -- you need to know exactly how current edition differs from the previous one. And this is where we can help. Unique feature of PickTextBook is a comparison of current and previous editions for textbooks.

How do we compare editions?

We compare the very detailed tables of contents for the current and previous editions of the textbook. All unmatched chaprers/sections/topics are highlighted with red color.

The section "What is new to this Edition?" lists what actually has been added or updated in the new edition. The information is taken from the publishers' websites (Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Cengage, ElsevierHealth etc.)

Each page is dedicated to a single textbook, not a specific edition or format. The book page displays three (where available) latest editions, and for each edition -- all available formats (such as hardcover, paperback, e-book, loose leaf, or international edition) and their current prices. So you can quickly get an idea of what is better to buy and what your possible savings might be.

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