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Earth Science (Tarbuck)

Earth Science (Tarbuck) Author(s): Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens, Dennis G Tasa

Difference between 14th and 13th editions
Side by side comparison of table of contents helps to figure out the most significant changes.

Key differences between 14th and 13th editions

  • Time lapse between current and previous publications: 3 years (2014 vs 2011).
  • Tarbuck/Lutgens/Tasa's Earth Science book was first published in 1976.
  • The 14th edition includes more than 100 of new SmartFigures. You can use a mobile device to scan the Quick Response (QR) code next to a SmartFigure, and the art comes alive.
  • Chapters begin with Focus on Concepts.
  • New Concepts in Review end-of-chapter features, coordinated with the Focus on Concepts at the beginning of the chapter.
  • New topics in the 14th edition by chapter:
  • Chapter 1: Two Geo Graphics features: "World Population Passes 7 Billion" and "Solar System: Size and Scale"
  • Chapter 2: Two Geo Graphics features: "Gold" and "Gemstones"
  • Chapter 3:Geo Graphics features: "Marble"
  • Chapter 4: Three Geo Graphics features: "Some Everyday Examples of Weathering", "The Old Man of the Mountain", and "Landslides as Natural Disasters"
  • Chapter 5: Two Geo Graphics features: "What Are the Largest Rivers?" and "Flash Floods"
  • Chapter 6: Geo Graphics feature: "Antarctica Fact File"
  • Chapter 7:
    • Two Geo Graphics features: ""
    • New section "How Do Plates and Plate Boundaries Change?"
  • Chapter 8:
    • Three Geo Graphics features: "Finding the Epicenter of an Earthquake", "Historic Earthquakes East of the Rockies", and "Seismic Risks On The San Andreas Fault System"
    • New section "Earth's Layers" covers crust, mantle, and core.
  • Chapter 9: Three Geo Graphics features: "Comparison of Three Types of Volcanic Cones", "Kilauea's East Rift Zone Eruption Cinder Cones" and "Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius, Ad 79"
  • Chapter 10:
    • Geo Graphics feature: "The Laramide Rockies"
    • Discussion on "Sierra Nevada, Coast Ranges, and Great Valley"
  • Chapter 11: Two Geo Graphics features: "How is Paleontology Different from Archaeology?" and "Did Humans and Dinosaurs Ever Coexist?"
  • Chapter 12: Two Geo Graphics features: "Evolution of Life Through Geologic Time" and "Demise of the Dinosaurs"
  • Chapter 13: Geo Graphics feature: "Explaining Coral Atolls: Darwin's Hypothesis"
  • Chapter 14: Geo Graphics feature: "Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents"
  • Chapter 15: Geo Graphics feature: "A Brief Tour Of America's Coasts"
  • Chapter 16:
    • Geo Graphics feature: "Acid Precipitation"
    • Discussion on Carbon Dioxide
  • Chapter 17: Geo Graphics feature: "Our Water Supply"
  • Chapter 18:
    • Geo Graphics feature: "The 1930s Dust Bowl"
    • Discussion on Visualizing Air Pressure
  • Chapter 19: Geo Graphics feature: "Hurricane Katrina from Space"
  • Chapter 20: Geo Graphics feature: "Greenhouse Gas Emissions"
  • Chapter 21: Geo Graphics feature: "Orion the Hunter"
  • Chapter 22: Geo Graphics: "Mars Exploration"
  • Chapter 23: Geo Graphics feature: "Hubble Space Telescope"
  • Chapter 24: Geo Graphics feature: "The Milky Way"
14th Edition of
Earth Science (Tarbuck)
eBook, 792 pages
eBook ISBN: 9780321958099
Published by: Prentice Hall, January 27, 2014
Paperback, 792 pages
ISBN-10: 0321928091
ISBN-13: 9780321928092
Published by: Prentice Hall, January 25, 2014
13th Edition of
Earth Science (Tarbuck)
eBook, 768 pages
eBook ISBN: 9780321768827
Published by: Prentice Hall, August 29, 2012
Hardcover, 768 pages
ISBN-10: 0321688503
ISBN-13: 9780321688507
Published by: Prentice Hall, January 07, 2011
International Edition
Paperback, 740 pages
ISBN-10: 0321709969
ISBN-13: 9780321709967
Published by: Prentice Hall, January, 2013
12th Edition of
Earth Science
Hardcover, 768 pages
ISBN-10: 0136020070
ISBN-13: 9780136020073
Published by: Prentice Hall, March 07, 2008
ISBN-10: 0131358626
ISBN-13: 9780131358621
Published by: Prentice Hall, March, 2009

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