Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals

Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals Author(s): James Stewart

Difference between 2nd and 1st editions
Side by side comparison of table of contents helps to figure out the most significant changes.

Key differences between 2nd and 1st editions

  • Period between current and previous publications: 6 years (2012 vs 2006).
  • The First Edition of Stewart's "Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals" was published in 2006.
  • The Second Edition consists of 13 chapters as well as the previous one. There are no significant content changes.
  • The book begins with four diagnostic tests in Basic Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Functions, and Trigonometry.
  • New Section "7.5 Area of a Surface of Revolution" has been added to the Chapter 7.
  • Updated data in examples and exercises. More than 35% of the exercises are new.
  • WebAssign® for Stewart's Second Edition is enhanced with new features and functions: Enhanced Feedback for incorrect problems, Visualizing Calculus modules and animations, Lecture Video Problems, and a Show Your Work feature.
2nd Edition of
Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals
eBook, 960 pages
eBook ISBN: 9781133710882
Published by: Wadsworth Publishing, February 01, 2013
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Hardcover, 960 pages
ISBN-10: 113311228
ISBN-13: 9781133112280
Published by: Cengage Learning, January 25, 2012
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From: $30.40
1st Edition of
Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals
with Enhanced WebAssign & eBook Printed Access Card for Multi Term Math and Science
Hardcover, 944 pages
ISBN-10: 0538497394
ISBN-13: 9780538497398
Published by: Cengage Learning, January 01, 2010
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From: $2.67
Hardcover, 912 pages
ISBN-10: 0495014281
ISBN-13: 9780495014287
Published by: Cengage Learning, March 01, 2006
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From: $4.38

Saving advice

  • Used 2nd edition can save you $27.08 over the new one.
  • Used previous 1st edition costs $27.73 less than the used 2nd.

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