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The Beekeeper's Handbook

The Beekeeper's Handbook Author(s): Diana Sammataro, Alphonse Avitabile

Difference between 4th and 3rd editions
Side by side comparison of table of contents helps to figure out the most significant changes.

Key differences between 4th and 3rd editions

  • Time lapse between original and updated publications: 13 years (2011 vs 1998).
  • The book was first published in 1978.
  • The Fourth edition has been redesigned, expanded, abd updated to incorporate the latest research on Colony Collapse Disorder, green IPM methods, regional overwintering protocols, and procedures for handling bees and managing diseases and pests such as African honey bees and bee mites.
  • Step-by-step directions for all stages from setting up an apiary to harvesting honey.
  • About 100 illustrations featuring techniques, equipment, and bee biology.
  • Information about how to manage new pests and diseases including Colony Collapse Disorder.
  • Coverage of new trends and changes in beekeeping including green IPM techniques and new laws for urban beekeeping.
  • The most up-to-date bibliography and list of reference resources.
  • Two chapters '13 Pathogens and Parasites of Honey Bees' and '14 Pests of Honey Bees' in the 4th Ed. correspond with the chapter '13 Bee Pests and Diseases' in the 3rd Ed.
4th Edition of
The Beekeeper's Handbook
Hardcover, 272 pages
ISBN-10: 0801449812
ISBN-13: 9780801449819
Published by: Cornell University Press, June 09, 2011
Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN-10: 0801476941
ISBN-13: 9780801476945
Published by: Cornell University Press, May 13, 2011
3rd Edition of
The Beekeeper's Handbook
Paperback, 190 pages
ISBN-10: 0801485037
ISBN-13: 9780801485039
Published by: Cornell University Press, May 29, 1998
2nd Edition of
The Beekeeper's Handbook
Board book
Board book, 131 pages
ISBN-10: 068417331X
ISBN-13: 9780684173313
Published by: Charles Scribner's Sons, October 01, 1981
Hardcover, 131 pages
ISBN-10: 0931850010
ISBN-13: 9780931850011
Published by: Peach Mountain Press, November 19, 1978
Paperback, 148 pages
ISBN-10: 0020814100
ISBN-13: 9780020814108
Published by: Macmillan Pub Co, October 01, 1986

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