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Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics Author(s): N. Gregory Mankiw

Difference between 7th and 6th editions
Side by side comparison of table of contents helps to figure out the most significant changes.

Key differences between 7th and 6th editions

  • Time lapse between current and previous editions: 3 years (2014 vs 2011).
  • The Mankiw's Principles of Economics text was first published in 1997.
  • The Seventh edition contains extensively updated coverage of areas impacted by the financial crisis.
  • Many new problems and applications.
  • Chapter 2 presents new topic "Why Economists' Advice Is Not Always Followed".
  • Chapter 3 presents new topics "The Price of the Trade" and "Should Tom Brady Mow His Own Lawn?".
  • Chapter 29 presents new topic "Bank Capital, Leverage, and the Financial Crisis of 2008--2009".
  • Chapter 30 presents new topic "Inflation Is Bad, But Deflation May Be Worse".
  • Chapter 35 presents new topic "A Financial Crisis Takes Us for a Ride along the Phillips Curve".
  • Former chapter 36 " Five Debates Over Macroeconomic Policy" is now chapter 36 "Six Debates over Macroeconomic Policy".
    • New section 36-2 "Should the Government Fight Recessions with Spending Hikes Rather Than Tax Cuts?"
  • New FYI boxes:
    • A Few Elasticities from the Real World (Ch. 5)
    • Financial Crises (Ch. 26)
    • The Jobs Number (Ch. 28)
    • Why Credit Cards Aren't Money (Ch. 29)
    • Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe (Ch. 30)
    • Inflation Targeting (Ch. 36)
  • New In the News boxes:
    • Actual Economists and Virtual Realities (Ch. 2)
    • Economics within a Marriage (Ch. 3)
    • Price Increases after Disasters (Ch. 4)
    • Venezuela versus the Market (Ch. 6)
    • The Invisible Hand Can Park Your Car (Ch. 7)
    • The Tax Debate (Ch. 8)
    • Threats to Free Trade; Should the Winners from Free Trade Compensate the Losers?; Second Thoughts about Free Trade (Ch. 9)
    • Externalities of Country Living; What Should We Do about Climate Change? (Ch. 10)
    • The Case for Toll Roads (Ch. 11)
    • Tax Expenditures (Ch. 12)
    • Price Discrimination in Higher Education (Ch. 15)
    • Insufficient Variety as a Market Failure (Ch. 16)
    • Public Price Fixing; Should the N.C.A.A. Be Taken to Court? (Ch. 17)
    • The Economics of Immigration (Ch. 18)
    • Higher Education as an Investment; Gender Differences (Ch. 19)
    • International Differences in Income Redistribution (Ch. 20)
    • Can Brain Science Improve Economics? (Ch. 22)
    • The BEA Changes the Definitions of Investment and GDP; Measuring Macroeconomic Well-Being (Ch. 23)
    • Monitoring Inflation in the Internet Age (Ch. 24)
    • Does Food Aid Help or Hurt?; One Economist's Answer (Ch. 25)
    • Should Students Sell Equity in Themselves? (Ch. 26)
    • Is the Efficient Markets Hypothesis Kaput? (Ch. 27)
    • Why Has Employment Declined? (Ch. 28)
    • Bernanke on the Fed's Toolbox (Ch. 29)
    • The Changing Nature of U.S. Exports (Ch. 31)
    • Is a Strong Currency Always in a Nation's Interest? (Ch. 32)
    • The Social Influences of Economic Downturns; What Have We Learned? (Ch. 33)
    • How Large Is the Fiscal Policy Multiplier? (Ch. 34)
    • How Long Will the Fed Keep Interest Rates at Zero?; What Is the Optimal Inflation Rate?; What Would an American Fiscal Crisis Look Like? (Ch. 36)
  • New Case Studies:
    • Alternative Measures of Inequality (Ch. 20)
    • The Search for Giffen Goods (Ch. 21)
    • Left-Digit Bias (Ch. 22)
    • Capital Flows from China (Ch. 32)
7th Edition of
Principles of Economics
eBook, 880 pages
eBook ISBN: 9781305156043
Published by: Cengage Learning, January 01, 2014
Hardcover, 880 pages
ISBN-10: 128516587X
ISBN-13: 9781285165875
Published by: Cengage Learning, May 26, 2014
6th Edition of
Principles of Economics
eBook, 888 pages
eBook ISBN: 9781133170358
Published by: South-Western, February 01, 2013
Hardcover, 888 pages
ISBN-10: 0538453052
ISBN-13: 9780538453059
Published by: Cengage Learning, February 10, 2011
Paperback, 855 pages
ISBN-10: 0538453427
ISBN-13: 9780538453424
Published by: South-Western College Pub, October 17, 2013
5th Edition of
Principles of Economics
Hardcover, 904 pages
ISBN-10: 0324589972
ISBN-13: 9780324589979
Published by: Cengage Learning, September 29, 2008

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