Game Coding Complete

Game Coding Complete Author(s): Mike McShaffry, David Graham

Difference between 4th and 3rd editions
Side by side comparison of table of contents helps to figure out the most significant changes.

Key differences between 4th and 3rd editions

  • Time gap between editions: 3 years (2012 vs 2009).
  • McShaffry's game coding book was first published in 2003.
  • The source code for Fourth edition is now based on the current versions of DirectX and Visual Studio.
  • New Chapter 6 written by David Graham, explains the process of creating game actors and components.
  • Chapter 12 contains an essentially updated material on programming language Lua.
  • New Chapter 15 3D Vertex and Pixel Shaders.
  • Previously uncovered topics:
    • Common coding styles
    • Main loop organization
    • Fitting the loop into the operating system and the other applications running on it.
    • DirectX's Text Helper and Dialog Resource Manager
    • Graphics and Shader Debugging
    • How to implement an error logging system
    • Profiling - increasing the program execution speed and removing any hindrances from the code
4th Edition of
Game Coding Complete
eBook, 959 pages
eBook ISBN: 9781133776581
Published by: Course Technology, March 05, 2012
Paperback, 960 pages
ISBN-10: 1133776574
ISBN-13: 9781133776574
Published by: Cengage Learning, March 05, 2012
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3rd Edition of
Game Coding Complete
Paperback, 944 pages
ISBN-10: 1584506806
ISBN-13: 9781584506805
Published by: Cengage Learning, March 05, 2009
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From: $1.19
2nd Edition of
Game Coding Complete
Paperback, 850 pages
ISBN-10: 1932111913
ISBN-13: 9781932111910
Published by: Paraglyph Press, January 14, 2005
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From: $1.99

Saving advice

  • The new 4th edition costs $104.18 more then used book.
  • 3rd edition is $11.6 cheaper then the 4th edition.

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