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Business Law: Text and Cases

Business Law: Text and Cases Author(s): Kenneth W. Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller, Frank B. Cross

Difference between 14th and 13th editions
Side by side comparison of table of contents helps to figure out the most significant changes.

Key differences between 14th and 13th editions

  • Time lapse between current and previous publications: 3 years (2017 vs 2014).
  • For the first time Clarkson's Business Law was published in 2003.
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  • The Fourteenth E. has many new cases, Issue Spotters, Cases in Point, case problems, exhibits, graphic concept summaries, business scenarios.
  • Chapter 4: Managerial Strategy feature on Marriage equality (disambiguation).
  • Chapter 5:
    • The concept of Corporate social responsibility (CSR) stakeholders.
    • Ethical decision making in business.
    • Global business ethics principles.
  • Chapter 8:
    • The growing problem of patent trolling.
    • Case in Point about Sherlock Holmes and the curious case of expired copyright.
  • Chapter 9:
    • New section on cyberstalking, the use of electronic communications, particularly the Internet, to persistently harass someone.
    • Digital Update feature on increasingly important question schould companies monitor their employees' social media.
  • Chapter 10: Managerial Strategy about the criminalization of American business.
  • Chapter 24:
    • New section discussing international and domestic space law.
    • U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision on Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) of 1789.
    • Trans Pacific Partnership, a multinational trade agreement.
    • Ethical issues of brewing imported beer brands domestically.
  • Chapter 28: Declining proportion of the check payments due to use of electronic payment systems.
  • Chapter 31: Student loan forgiveness programs.
  • Chapters 32-33:
    • Reflect trend toward gig economy, the prevalence of short-term contractors, freelance workers, and temporary employees.
    • Global Insight feature on Islamic law and Respondeat superior, a doctrine in tort law.
  • Chapter 34 :
    • Ethics Today discussing bathroom breaks at the workplace.
    • Managerial Strategy about employees' right to use company email systems for union organizing activity.
  • Chapter 35:
    • Discrimination based on an employee's military status.
    • Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
    • Workplace discrimination of transgender employees.
    • Social media discrimination.
  • Chapter 39: Global Insight feature on nationality in the cloud computing.
  • Chapter 42: Managerial Strategy about new CEO pay ratio disclosure rule and its implications.
  • Chapter 46: Digital update on European Union's antitrust action against Google.
14th Edition of
Business Law: Text and Cases
eBook, 999 pages
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Hardcover, 999 pages
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13th Edition of
Business Law: Text and Cases, Legal, Ethical, Global, and Corporate Environment
eBook, 1328 pages
eBook ISBN: 9781285974378
Published by: Cengage Learning, January 01, 2014
Hardcover, 1328 pages
ISBN-10: 1285185242
ISBN-13: 9781285185248
Published by: Cengage Learning, January 01, 2014
12th Edition of
Business Law: Text and Cases: Legal, Ethical, Global, and Corporate Environment
eBook, 1392 pages
eBook ISBN: 9781133170594
Published by: South-Western, February 01, 2013
Hardcover, 1392 pages
ISBN-10: 0538470828
ISBN-13: 9780538470827
Published by: Cenage Learning, November 29, 2010
Southern New Hampshire University
ISBN-10: 1133068383
ISBN-13: 9781133068389
Published by: Cengage Learning, 2012

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