Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting Author(s): Ray Garrison, Eric Noreen, Peter Brewer

Difference between 15th and 14th editions
Side by side comparison of table of contents helps to figure out the most significant changes.

Key differences between 15th and 14th editions

  • Period between current and previous publications: 3 years (2014 vs 2011).
  • For the first time Garrison's book was published in 1976 under the title "Managerial accounting: concepts for planning, control, decision making"
  • In the Fifteenth Edition new Foundational 15 features appear at the end of each chapter.
  • Chapter 1:
    • New section "Managerial Accounting: Beyond the Numbers" covers leadership skills, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic incentives, cognitive bias, and other topics.
  • Chapter 2:
    • Appendix 2A has been simplified to better explain how to use Microsoft Excel to perform least-squares regression analysis.
  • Chapter 3:
    • New Appendix 3A "Activity-Based Absorption Costing" -- this material was formerly Appendix 7B in the Fourteenth edition.
  • Chapter 5:
    • The assumptions of Cost-Volume-Profit analysis have been moved from the end of the chapter to the beginning.
  • Chapter 6:
    • New learning objective related to calculating company-wide and segment break-even points for companies with traceable fixed costs.
    • New Appendix 6A "Super-Variable Costing"
  • Chapter 8:
    • The chapter has been renamed as "Master Budgeting" (former title "Profit Planning")
    • 2 new end-of-chapter exercises that enable readers to use Microsoft Excel to answer "what-if" questions.
  • Chapter 9:
    • New discussion on The Variance Analysis Cycle.
  • Chapter 10:
    • The headings in the section on general model for standard cost variance analysis have been reversed.
  • Chapter 11:
    • New Business Focus feature
    • 2 new In Business boxes.
  • Chapter 12:
    • New section "Managing Constraints"
    • Several new In Business boxes
  • Chapter 13:
    • The learning objective pertaining to the payback period has been moved to the front of the chapter. A Microsoft Excel-based approach has been adopted for depicting net present value calculations.
    • New discussion of the behavioral implications of the simple rate of return method.
    • Appendix 13C "Income Taxes and the Net Present Value Method" has been completely reorganized.
  • Chapter 14:
    • New In Business boxes.
  • Chapter 15:
    • New Ratio Analysis -- Liquidity; Asset Management; Debt Management; Profitability; Market Performance.
15th Edition of
Managerial Accounting
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14th Edition of
Managerial Accounting
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13th Edition of
Managerial Accounting
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